Eyebrow transplantation is an outpatient procedure done by local anesthesia and takes 3-4 hours depending of the case. We suggest eyebrow hair transplant to the people having low eyebrow density and shape issues due to trauma, aging, disease, injury, or any other reason. I prefer Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method for this minor procedure as it is less invasive comparing to strip technique.

Are you a Candidate?

You are a candidate for an eyebrow hair transplant if you:

  • are not satisfied with your eyebrow density.
  • are not happy with the shape of your eyebrows.
  • have lost eyebrows to trauma-burn.
  • have lost the youthful appearance of eyebrows due to the normal aging process.

Treatment Goals

Main objectives of the eyebrow restoration include:

  • Restoring eyebrows lost by various reasons like genetics, diseases or burn/traumas.
  • Enhancing the shape and thickness of your existing eyebrows.
  • Helping you regain a youthful eyebrow line in your old age.

Treatment Techniques

  • Full Restoration – It is for people who were born without or with very light eyebrows or those who have patchy eyebrows due to genetics, disease, trauma or burn. Full restoration involves 200+ grafts.
  • Enhancement – It is for people who are not satisfied with their eyebrow density and wish to have a thicker line above their eyes. It is also for women who fail to regrow hair due to excessive plucking. 
  • Touch up – Some women just need a touch up for a perfect eyebrow shape. While pencils are best for this kind of touch-ups, they offer a temporary solution. This subtle eyebrow shaping involves 50 to 100 grafts.

Pre-op Preparation

Listed below are the things that you should avoid prior to the surgery:

  • Stop taking blood thinners – all, homeopathic, allopathic and natural.
  • Quit smoking two to three weeks prior to your brow transplant.
  • Cut your alcohol consumption 5 to 7 days before the surgery. Do not drink during the last 48 hours.
  • Avoid applying any makeup before heading to the clinic for the surgery.

Treatment Procedure

Eyebrow transplantation Surgery is a minor surgical procedure performed on an outpatient basis under local anesthesia. It takes 3 to 4 hours on average to complete. Following steps are involved in an Eyebrow Hair Transplant:
Drawing the eyebrow outline – The surgeon starts with marking the outline of your eyebrows, keeping in mind your desired eyebrow shape and density as well as your facial symmetry.

Donor area preparation – After outlining the eyebrows, the surgeon moves on to the surgical procedure and prepares the donor area, by trimming or shaving the hair at the rear of your scalp. He will then mark the donor area for smooth and successful extraction of hair follicles.
Anesthesia – Local anesthesia is then administered to the donor area to numb it and extract hair follicles without pain.
Donor hair extraction – Then using the Follicular Unit Extraction method, the surgeon harvests the desired number of grafts. Single hair grafts are extracted for eyebrow
Site preparation – After extracting the donor’s hairs, under local anesthesia surgeon prepares the recipient area – your eyebrows – and starts to make tiny incisions in specific directions and at correct angles. Special attention is paid to arch creation or enhancing the existing eyebrow arch.
Inserting grafts – The last step of an eyebrow hair transplant is inserting these hair follicles. The precision of placement is critical for creating an aesthetically appealing, natural-looking brow line.


For the optimal result, it is very important to adhere both to pre and post operative instructions. You may notice pinkness/redness, scabbing, swelling /bruising around eyebrow/eyelid and eye region and even notice (rare) black eye where they are all normal and the part of the surgery and will go away within 5-10 days after the surgery. 

1st visit: It will be the day after the surgery. 

Purpose: Bandage removal and general post-operative assessment.

2nd visit: It will be on the 10th post operative day

Purpose: Donor & recipient area scab removals.

Subsequent appointments will be on post operative:

-1 th month

-2nd month

-4th month

-6th month

-10th month

-12th month and 

-18th month 


  1. Antibiotics: Generally we are prescribing penicillin or cephalosporin based antibiotics for 5 days to prevent an infection Please consider to take pills after food. For details, please refer the prescription that you have given. In case of an allergy, suppose to arise by these medications please immediately discontinue these medications and call us for assistance and depending on the severity of your case, you may even consider to go to an emergency service. 
  2. Pain killer: As heavy post operative pain is not usual, we generally prescribe Paracetamol as a pain killer. For details, please refer the prescription that you have given. The usual dosage is: 500 mg twice a day for three days – after food- starting from the surgery date.


  1. Until 3 day completion post operatively, nothing specific needs to be done.  This period allow grafts to firmly attach their transplanted sites. Washing your Face: You can start washing your face and eyebrows after 24 hours completion of the transplantation. 
    1. You can wash your face in the usual manner but while dealing with the transplanted area please 

     be careful.  Before wetting your eyebrows please apply a very small amount of baby shampoo on the area by direct touch and leave it there for couple of minutes afterwards, just fill your palms with cold water and wet your eyebrows for a while and repeat it for several times until you clean the baby shampoo. Do not rub, do not scratch and do not press while washing the eyebrows. Repeat the whole process twice-a-day

    2-   How to dry:

    You can pat-dry with a paper towel but do not rub, do not press on the transplanted area.

    3- Just after drying, apply Avene Thermal Spring water by spraying once or twice. 

    Donor Area Care:

    We prescribe antibiotic Ointment -generally bacitracin- to apply on donor region. Please apply small amount of ointment once-a-day on the donor with the help of a sterile gauze pad for 3 days post operatively and leave the donor area open.

    4- General comment & reminders:

    -Do not apply ice on the transplanted area

    -Avoid strenuous physical activity and exercise 3 -4 weeks post operatively.

    -In order to to protect both the transplanted and the donor areas, please stay indoors for 5 to 10 days after the procedure.

    -The transplanted hairs will fall within 2 months after the surgery, so no need to worry.

    -Do not sleep face down position; sleep face-up position with 2-3 pillows under and place the under-pad provided, over your pillow to keep your pillow away from possible oozing from the donor and sleep at a slightly elevated angle for 3-4 nights.

    – You may notice itching both in the transplanted and in the donor area, which is quite normal and part of tissue healing after the procedure. You may apply Avene Thermal Spring Water whenever you feel itchy.

    -Do not bend your head down whenever you need to wear your shoes or pick-up something from the floor; just squad.

    – Oozing from the donor area thus an isolated pink-red dot on your bandage is quite normal. But if slight bleeding occurs on the donor area, please apply a gentle pressure for 5-10 minutes on the area by a sterile gauze pad or a clean cloth.

    – You may notice pimples both on the donor and the recipient areas the spontaneously heal, rarely progress and pustules. In case of pustule please apply Betadine antiseptic solution with a sterile gauze pad. 

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I am Airat Khalirakhmanov. I am the head of the Surgery Department of the health-care unit of the Kazan Federal University. In November 2019, I attended an internship with Dr. Sezgin. He met me very good-naturedly and showed me all the details of the work in his clinic. He thoroughly performed the operation for hair transplantation, showed me all essential details and what we need to pay special attention during the surgery. This was a great discovery for me. He showed new opportunities, new horizons in hair transplantation. The level of his performance impressed me very much. A lot of things, that I saw in Dubai, in his clinic, amazed me. Therefore, I highly recommend contacting Dr. Sezgin like a master of your craft. I really liked what I saw and how it's done and it struck me from a professional point of view of hair transplantation. In addition, the doctor is a very good-natured and helpful colleague, so I highly recommend him.

Airat Khalirakhmanov
Hair Transplant Surgeon

Assalam u alaikum Dr. SezginThank you so much for examining and dedicating precious time to me.I saw your work on Insta. You are really an Artist.Once again thank you so much for valuable suggestion and time.Nice to meet you. Allah Bless you.


I have done an FUE hair transplant with Dr Cagatay SEZGIN; I m pretty happy with the amazing result. My hair looks dense, natural and smooth even people can not tell the difference. Now I understand very well why they call him as ‘celebrity hair transplant surgeon’I highly recommend Dr Sezgin to anybody who’s planning to have hair transplant in Dubai. Wish you all my best doc! 

Ali Alaskar
Emirates Airline Captain Dubai

I had the pleasure of doing a hair transplant with Dr C SEZGIN  I can only say good thing about Dr Sezgin and the clinic. Dr. Sezgin took personal time to explain the surgery and helped me make my decision. I felt comfortable with him because contrary to many others HE SPECIALIZES IN HAIR AND HAS DONE SO FOR 20 YEARS. He also is a full time in Dubai and has a lovely clinic which helped me feel safe in case of any post-operative care.I can only praise Dr. Sezgin. He is very competent, very flexible and very friendly. One can feel his experience by his confidence. His staff are great also, some of them having been with him for years. They make a great team and can’t praise them enough.

D. B.
Airline Captain Dubai

I have heard a lot about Dr. SEZGIN. As I have been seeing too many bad & fake looking results around, frankly I was scaring to undergo a hair transplant. After I met with Dr. Sezgin he convinced me with his confidence and experience. He is really one of the experienced hair transplant surgeons besides he is only performing hair transplant surgeries. I had one session of FUE and was transplanted around 4500 graft.Thanks Dr. Sezgin for the glowing life changing results.

Craig Gallagher

I’ve done a hair transplant with Dr. Cagatay Sezgin; I’m very happy with the very good results, my hair looks very nice natural and smooth. And may family very happy for that.I highly recommend to anybody who’s planning to have hair transplant in Dubai. Thanks a lot doc!

Mohamed Sayed Ahmed
Ministry of Education – Egypt
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